It’s finally October! I actually never uploaded this, but it was originally from last year’s inktober. Is that a thing that’s happening again? Because I thought it was fun!

This was a gift I gave to a friend of mine before she went to Paris, France for study abroad. It was of the Shakespeare and Company bookstore there, and in the end, she was able to visit it. You can read up on her adventures here!

Moleskine with white gel pen. I’m rather proud of the lines here, so please click hi-res!

I drew this last year as well… I had a friend on my mind.

(If you follow me on instagram, you might know this is from there, and this is just the whole thing.)

I ought to post more things to this, if only to show what I can do. This was another former profile pic of mine that I did almost a year ago, actually, for Halloween. I drew myself as a witch with a cauldron full of food. (I’d totally be chums with the house elves, but also raid the kitchens a lot.)

Also posting this in lieu of suddenly getting a ton of notes on a silly post about my Slytherin friend and Hufflepuff me. I should draw my friend now though haha.

I do this thing where I never have an actual picture of myself as my profile picture. It’s always a drawing of me. So I posted a tiny floating me, and then a friend of mine said he wanted one, probably jokingly, but I took him up on it in secret anyway. (Mostly to see if I could crank something out, heh.) He calls soda “pop”… He ain’t from around here, haha.

Messy doodle from the other day. I don’t know how to draw dogs. I’m also trying to figure out how to use ps. 

Moon Day tomorrow!

Sketch and doodle dump. All the Kira Yukimuras!! And a little Stiles because Stiles. 

I’m trying to understand Arden Cho’s facial structure better for a small comic I want to draw. I’m not a writer, but I can draw a bit, so I figure I might as well make my daydreams and headcanons come to fruition this way. 

I have actually spent more time studying Arden’s face than I have Dylan’s. Would you believe it? ;)

Jones, you jerk, you’re late.

Whatever, love is forever, or something.

papiermache-hearts and I have these really cute characters (they’re cute, okay) that kind of like each other, but might actually be glad they don’t have real mouths to say anything about it. Beating the bush to a new level.

I don’t know how to use ps

Top ones are observation sketches of students in my classes this semester.

Bottom ones were done in one of the quads on campus during down time. Bean technique and observation sketches of students.

Selected images from my instagram. Evidence I was drawing something at least. The two top ones are from Inktober, while the Sterek one and wolf!Derek were for Casey.

I haven’t posted on here since basically the summer. I wonder if anyone thinks this is a dead account, but it’s not. >_>;; Sadly, I’ve just been too busy this past semester to make anything worth posting on an art blog. I do post more often on my instagram, which is more like a doodle blog.

I did this on the plane back to LA back in August, using Tifferini’s photo. I’ve always wanted to draw his profile, and she had a great image of him. I’ll be fixing him up a bit more, obviously, but for now, have a wip.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Whatever you celebrate, it’s all good with me, so long as you’re not being mean, and so long as I can kiss you under the mistletoe. ( ˘ ³˘) *✲゚*。⋆

Exhale, oil pastel and graphite, reference used

I can say a lot about this. Maybe you can too.

Inspired by Teen Wolf. 

Okay, so I haven’t been entirely inactive. I’ve been working on various things, trying to play with other media, building on original concepts… I’ve just been posting on to my instagram.

Turn on your radio and hide.

Welcome to Night Vale is a super cool bimonthly community radio show podcast that you should check out. Have some Cecil Baldwin, our kind show host. I don’t really have a headcanon for what he looks like, but I kind of imagine him as the real Cecil Baldwin. With hair. This doodle is completely incongruous to that. 

Hahaha, guess who got a tablet? And guess who didn’t draw Sherlock or Teen Wolf fan art to upload first? This was actually the best thing I doodled so far, so no SH or TW art isn’t for a lack of trying. I’m still trying to get used to it. And I’m too afraid to use PS and I don’t know why, so I’ve just been using the bamboo note software that came with my tablet? Yeah, something’s wrong with me.

Perhaps it’s my turn to say good night.

We weren’t expecting things to go this way.

thank god we brought wet wipes.