No, this isn’t quite art related, but it is at the same time.

Yesterday I went to I’m The Art Show, Deal With It! art show and fundraiser in LA over at Monk Space for The Legend of Korra. It was quite literally a hole in the wall, and my friends and I actually walked passed it before we realized where it was exactly. It was a lot of fun to see the different styles and works these artists put together. I also got a print! It’s by Janet Sung, and it’s currently hanging in my room, and it’s totally awesome. 

I don’t know how art shows work and all, but just to be sure, I’m not going to be posting the photos I took of the work there. You can see slivers of the works from these pictures here, but that’ll be all you’ll see from me. 

Overall, it was a chill day out with friends, and it was my first time going to an art show for a series I like in LA! This city is a gem that way. Yesterday basically caps off my artistic adventures during my Spring Break.

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